Your questions, answered.

What is this site about?

How many customers approach you and say “Hi Recruitment Agency… I love the look of this candidate. Can I talk to them?” Zero.

We are on a mission to change that and how traditional recruitment is done. Look at MyTalentPlatform as a high street. MyTalentPlatorm has lots of empty shops for rent on the high street. Recruiting agencies rent the shop space and showcase their candidates in their shop window. Then inviting their customers into their shop to have a look at what active talent they are working with. Customers can then pick and choose what they like in that shop.

We are helping recruitment agencies make placements by advertising candidates, not the other way around. When they are in your shop, you have the opportunity to pique their interest, give them an efficient recruiting service and letting them tell you who they want.

Agencies can still work how they usually do, but with the addition of MyTalentPlatform you have the chance to add an efficient, profit maximising and unique arrow to your recruitment bow. Setting your agency apart from the rest.

Can anyone see my candidates?

No your part of the platform is private and on an invite only basis.

Can my customers see who the candidates are?

No, all details are anonymous and customers will have to approach you if they like anyone

Will candidates details be available to everyone?

No all data is anonymous on the system and not be visible without your permission

Who uploads candidates to my part of the platform?

Anyone who you invite to upload candidates