Team Up

Team work makes the dream work.

Another add on which is optional for MTP users is the ability to invite external team member to your site.

MyTalentPlatorm has a system that allows you to create a team so that if you need additional support with customer roles or your customer has a role that your agency isn’t specialised in.

Then the MyTalentPlatform system can allow you to team up, split the fee whilst the candidate owner maintains control of the candidate at all times. You customer wins, you win, your partner agency wins, candidate wins.

Ever had some of these problems?

We can help!!

Have any of the above these questions crossed your mind? Need more candidates? Need more clients? Need support on certain roles? A client has asked you for a candidate outside of your domain-worried about not being able to deliver?.. MyTalentPlatform can help with all of those concerns by bringing agencies together.


The agency with the customer and create a team and invite other recruiters/agencies to upload candidates onto that part of the platform. Once done, the customer can be invited to view the candidates, when a customer requests more information/an interview for the candidates, the candidate owner (the recruiter who uploaded the candidate) will be notified and remain in control.

The agencies agree to work together via MyTalentPlatform’s inter-agency agreement and both parties remain in control of their respected contacts (clients or candidates). If successful, you may have just found a partner for recruiting life.


We are looking to improve our industry. Every agency will come up against difficulties in filling roles – We believe that creating partnerships is the way forward instead of an agency struggling with certain aspects.

Who Benefits?

Everyone. If your clients asks you to work a role outside of your domain. You have 2 choices- say yes to the client and maybe struggle to deliver or say no and the client goes elsewhere. Either option could leave you with nothing.

With MyTalentPlatform, you can team up with other agencies in that domain. They upload candidates anonymously to your part of the platform, your client hires one of the candidates, you split the fee which is better than the first option. Client wins, agency 1 wins, agency 2 wins, candidate wins. All with the peace of mind that you have an agreement and neither agency will contact the other agencies contact.

Creating better relationships with other agencies will now also open opportunities for your agency, whether you need more candidates or clients at that specific time.